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Bluecanvas Magazine Issue #13

Featured Artists:
Brandon Boyd, Killspencer, Sean Cheetham, Seonna Hong, Aga Kacprowska Luthienelve, Graham Franciose, Danny Gardner, Raina Gentry, Michael Foulkrod, Ryan Magno, Takanori Aiba, Eatcho , Lance Turner, Damir Simic, Mihir Malavia, Ivory Yeunmi Lee, Drew Young, Laura Den Hertog, Gone, Rachel Marie Smith, Afton Dufoe, Evan Rottet, Holly Hardin Clabaugh

Featured Articles:
If You Didn't Have Bad Luck, You'd Have No Luck at All: Lunch With Robbie Conal, How To Make Friends and Keep Them Guessing, McLean's Artist Advice: Website and Portfolio Presentation Nuts and Bolts, A Conversation with Brandon Boyd, Killing Time with Sean Cheetham, From Semina to The Thing: A Brief Review of the Object-Based Art Publication, Art and Television


About Bluecanvas

Bluecanvas.com is an international, multi-genre, online community of artists and art lovers. Bluecanvas magazine is a quarterly publication that features artists from its online community. We hope everyone will be able to find inspiration that reaches across genres, and hope that Bluecanvas can provide the right tools for our users to inspire everyone, artists and non-artists alike.